Old structures & signs of hazardous locations (e.g. old fuel tanks) are reviewed on aerial photographs and a property title search.

Environmental Liability Assessments include a review of the following;

  • A chronology of ownership and site use using a title search and revision of aerial photography supplied by the National Air Photo library.
  • Mapping by the Canadian Underwriters Association, inspection reports and site-specific property plans are all obtained by the Insurers Advisory Organization and used to identify past fire hazards such as underground storage tanks.
  • A review of government and private databases by Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS) reveals any previous and/ or outstanding fines/ violations.

All areas susceptible to contaminants found in the title search, aerial photographs, IAO/ ERIS searches are thoroughly inspected for present signs of contamination, including interviewing employees (past & present) for information regarding past spills or hazardous occurrences.