Shown here, a facility's pesticide inventory had many unregistered pest control products in stock.

A complete walk-through inspection of a golf course’s maintenance facility to verify the present state of the operating system i.e., compliance with Municipal, Provincial & Federal regulations of the following;

  • Equipment-Cleaning wash area & effluent discharge;
  • Fuel Storage area (under/ above-ground tanks);
  • Small quantity gasoline & miscellaneous flammable product storage;
  • Used Oil Storage/ Disposal Practices;
  • Pesticide Storage;
  • Pesticide Inventory (registration status verified with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency) and (Fire Dept. notification);
  • Pesticide Container Disposal (recycling program adoption);
  • Pesticide Fill/ Mix/ Load requirements.
  • Fertilizer Storage area;

Fuel tanks are subject to spill containment requirements.

Equipment wash areas are now the most highly regulated area of a maintenance facility.