Learn more about the CGSA Resource manualIPM Accreditation ProgramEnvironmental Investigations is the facillitator for the Environmental Management of the Golf Course offered at the University of Guelph

Originated in 1994, Environmental Investigations Ltd. (EIL) is proud to have conducted environmental consulting services for more than 150 golf courses across Canada. Through our experience we have gained a thorough understanding of municipal, provincial & federal environmental laws & regulations affecting golf course management practices. We specialize in the consultation of environmental issues at golf course maintenance facilities. EIL determines the present environmental compliance level of a property through the implementation of Environmental Compliance Audits and Water Sampling Programs.


EIL performs both annual desk reviews and on-site facility audits for the Ontario IPM Accreditation Program. In addition, Mark A. Scenna, the company founder and Operations Manager, is the facilitator for “Environmental Management of the Golf Course', an on-line course for the University of Guelph’s Open Learning Program. Mark is also co-author of the CGSA’s “Environmental Management Resource Manual'.